Silver Previous & Timeless

For Today and Always

Jan 6, 2017:

Jewelry buying isn't over with the sale of the wedding or engagement ring. In fact, it's just the beginning. 

We all know that silver is the "go-to gift" for the bridal party, bride, and groom, but it doesn't have to end there. With its timeless beauty, and affordable price point, silver is also the perfect option for the bride and groom's gifts - wheather it's a delicate pair of drop earrings for the bride, or beautiful silver cufflinks for the groom, each represents a gift they'll wear, cherish, and pass down through the generations.

45% 78% 46%
of retailers say silver remains the merchandise category providing jewelers with the best-maintained margins. Diamond jewelry was second at 27%. Bridal jewelry was third at 16%.  of silver jewelry purchasers fall within the 20-40 age range. Is this your customer base? Building your bridal business can help you reach this demographic.  of silver sales come from female self-purchasing, with gift giving following at 34%. Again, the perfect tie-in to the silver bridal business. 

Featuring white seashell pearl with white stones set into rhodium-plated, nickel allergy-free, 925 sterling silver, MSRP $225.

This article was featured on JCK's 2017 January/February Issue.