Belle Étoile As Seen in the April Issue of INSTORE Magazine!

Featuring Belle Étoile's Aviary Earrings

Apr 1, 2017:


No Matter the Month, SILVER JEWELRY is Always in Season.

Classic and afforable, sterling silver is the metal of the moment. The time is always right to market and sell silver in your store. That's beacause silver is...

ALWAYS AU COURANT: Silver's bright white color is thoroughly modern. New and exciting silver jewelry collections are introduced each season so it's always on trend, keeping your displays filled with the latest styles.

ALWAYS AFFORDABLE: Designers love silver as they can create pieces that would be cost-prohibitive in other previous metals. Your customers can choose the latest styles and easily create the silver wardrobe of their dreams beginning with one piece and adding others along the way.

ALWAYS RIGHT: Whether it's for self-purchase or a gift, silver jewelry is the perfect go-to selection for men and women. For a meaningful birthday or holiday gift, silver jewelry is an affordable luxury. Brides and grooms also love to gift their wedding party members in silver as a remembrance of their special day.

The three trends represented here - fresh florals, a return to hoop earrings and a focus on linked and layered necklaces - represent just a fraction of the exciting new silver jewelry styles available today. Check them out and we hope you agree: No matter what the season, it's always time for silver!

Featured above: Aviary Earrings.

Hoops are back in a big way this year, and today's hottest styles take many forms. From the geometric to the ornate, designers have created some extraordinarily imaginative new riffs on a jewelry classic.

This article was featured on INSTORE Magazine and, written by the Silver Promotion Service.